10 August, 2017

Summer Training Series ~ Routines & Procedures

RSI4EDU.com opened its summer training series this year with a focus on Developing Essential Routines & Procedures and Strong Start.  Do your teachers #TeachLikeAChampion?

Excellence in education includes a healthy sense of urgency.  The sense that there is a lot of content to cover with little precious time.  When we consider that every minute matters in the classroom it is critically important to take advantage of teaching routines and procedures.  As we begin each new school year we often only recall what our scholars “looked like” and “acted like” at the end of the previous year - after we had them in our classrooms for 180 days.  We accidentally project these memories onto our new scholars and forget to schedule time to teach, practice, and evaluate classroom routines and procedures.  We become frustrated as the thought creeps in, “They are in ___ grade, they should know how to ___.”

To overcome this entanglement of potential frustration remember to carefully and explicitly design procedures that satisfy four criteria: Simplicity, Quick Is King, Little Narration Required, and Planned to the Detail.  Pick up your copy of Teach Like A Champion 2.0 and contact www.RSI4Edu.com for more information, training and coaching.

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