15 February, 2013

Motivational Theory: Corrective Reading [Conclusion]


Evidence of careful consideration and balance in understanding the importance of encouraging students to transition from extrinsic motivation toward  intrinsic motivation when learning is apparent within the Corrective Reading's (2008) approach to program design and delivery techniques.  The application of goal-oriented motivational strategies that foster effort based attribution to success and setbacks assists learners in understanding that learning and the acquisition of skills and knowledge increases self-efficacy.  In identifying that the Corrective Reading (2008) program contains strong elements of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivational strategies, and that the direct instruction design has a strong evidence base that supports increase in student affect (Carnine, 2000), educational institutions choosing to implement this program should do so with confidence.

Regarding the Corrective Reading (2008) program and the perceived problem posited within the initial post suggesting that, corrective programs fail students as the result of lacking motivational substance, the alleviation of this motivational concern provides implementors not only confidence in using the program, but also more time to focus on implementation issues rather than program adoption concerns.  For example, implementors can spend more time discussing student and teacher progress within the program.  Implementation discussions [rather than discussion on program adoption] provide opportunities for implementors to measure and report on student and teacher success as well as identify opportunities for additional professional development directly related to the use the program.


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Engelman, S., Hanner, S., & Johnson, G. (2008). Corrective reading: Series guide. Columbus, OH: McGraw-Hill

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