11 December, 2012

Supervision & Evaluation: Formative Phase

Formative Phase of Supervision:

The formative phase of the curriculum and instruction appraisal model includes two stages, an initial investigatory stage and a coaching stage.  The investigatory stage includes as communicative devices the use of a formal pre-observation meeting, a classroom observation, and a follow-up meeting upon completion of the observation.  The coaching stage follows respectively and includes the use of a coaching form and a post-coaching conference.

Engagement in the formative phase of the model results in two possible outcomes that influence the frequency and intensity for future support.  For example, if a teacher is identified as lacking in proficiency in a specific curriculum or instructional domain, that teacher will be assigned coaching at a frequency of two visits per month until the coach and teacher provide evidence that proficiency in the domain has been achieved.  If a teacher is identified as a model teacher in each of the domains, then follow up coaching is scheduled less frequently and additional professional development opportunities are presented.  The process is cyclical and adheres to a developmental approach to providing support that accommodates teachers various levels of proficiency.  As indicated in Figure2 the teachers' mastery and consistency of use of the support provided drives future coaching visits in content and frequency.

  NOTE:  Links to corresponding forms referenced as located in an Appendix will be made available.    

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