09 October, 2012

RTI: Implementation - Initial Implementation

The Initial Implementation stage is focused on day one of applying the newly created RTI framework through practice.  

  • The identified and well defined Universal Screener(s) is used and student data is collected and organized by a select team
  • Students are placed into Tiers of Instruction as defined during the Installation Stage
  • Core Curriculum is distributed to staff and mandatory Progress Monitoring is scheduled for students at each Tier
  • Remediation practices are defined within each Tier and data flags are established to support teachers in identifying when students may be identified as not responding to an intervention
  • A Problem Solving Team is selected and scheduled to meet weekly to assist in responding to students identified as not responding to an intervention
  • Concerns, potential barriers, and frustrations are documented and translated into professional development
The goals of the Initial Implementation stage are to generate excitement, monitor and support staff, and fine tune professional development opportunities identified through observations and teacher feedback. Often, professional development needs that are identified during the Initial Implementation stage of RTI include:
  • Curriculum/Program use [at each Tier]
  • Differentiation of Instruction [not to be confused with differentiation of curriculum]
  • Identifying and coordinating supplemental support in Tier 2 that aligns with the core program and addresses the needs of the student
  • Data collection and interpretation
  • Responding to formative assessment
    • Remediation practices that coordinate with increasing student success in the curriculum/program identified for use
  • Assigning staff support in an efficient manner
  • Scheduling progress monitoring for Tier 2 and Tier 3 students to measure the successfulness of interventions
For more information on Effective Problem Solving Teams and Progress Monitoring visit Ronnis Systems Inc. Ed. Leadership page.

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