27 September, 2012

An Introduction...

In 2001 a colleague of mine introduced me to educational consulting.  His point at the time was this...
  • Working as a teacher you can affect 25 students per year
  • Working as an administrator you can affect 1,000 students per year
  • Working as an Educational Consultant you can affect entire communities
Thus I began an educational consulting company named Ronnis Systems Inc.  Ronnis Systems Inc. is a professional development provider that specializes in School Improvement.  Information regarding the company can be found at www.RonnisSystems.com

The purpose of this blog is two-fold.

Voice:  To provide a platform to share insights and experiences that I have had as an educational consultant
Scholarship:  To provide scholarly information as it relates to current issues within education and educational leadership

Some of the information shared will be of a light-hearted approach while other information may be quite direct.  In either case I encourage and welcome feedback should anything spark an interest.

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